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Business Planning and Development

The old adage that failure to plan is akin to planning to fail is true in many aspects of life. In business this is a truism that cannot be ignored. The issue of planning in business is complex and multi-faceted. The creation of the business plan, the availability of finance, legal incorporation, sourcing suitable accommodation, selection and appointment of employees, the production of the brand and marketing collateral, new company publicity, the creation and delivery of a business development plan, the establishment of systems and production processes, fulfilment and delivery of the product or service allied to customer focussed practices are all vitally important areas demanding painstaking evaluation and decision making.

OBM Consultancy can assist with all of the above demands. These demands are ever present in business and the pressure to get them right at the start and an on-going basis is crucial but as business evolves so does the need to adapt and enhance. This coupled with an element of ‘fire fighting’ and the requirement to win new business and liaise with current customers contributes to a situation where some help and support to the resident management team is often warranted.

Success will follow when the fundamentals are undertaken correctly. Of course luck and favourable market conditions play a large part but when success does occur, ambitious managers look for more. They look to increase revenues and increase market share. They look also to build value in their companies and this will necessitate operating at much higher levels whilst addressing issues such as the strength of the brand, intellectual property and general packaging of the company. Strategic marketing will feature heavily at this stage.

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