and Strategic

Business planning and development
Commercial due-diligence
Marketing evaluation and strategy

Business Profile

• Appointed Regional Chairman for Wales, Freshwater-UK plc
• Appointed to board of Cardiff Business Partnership
• Resurrected OBM Consultancy for business and strategic marketing advice

• Appointed Managing Director, Freshwater Wales, Freshwater Creative and Merlin Marketing
• Successfully integrated three operating companies within the Freshwater Group
• Responsible for 30 staff and £3m+ turnover
• Awarded Property Marketer of the Year award by the Variety Club’s People in Property Awards Wales 2008

• Appointed Group Managing Director of the Merlin Group of Companies
• Undertook strategic review of the business
• Generated a new strategic direction for the company. This resulted in the rationalisation and merger of 3 businesses into one new entity, Merlin Marketing and Public Relations Limited.
• Profitability restored for eight consecutive years with turnover consistently in range of £1.5m- £2.0m per annum
• Serviced a range of Blue Chip, SME and public sector accounts
• Winner of three CIPR gold Awards
• Merlin Marketing and Public Relations sold to Freshwater plc in January 2008

• Merged OBM Marketing with Merlin Media Services
• Appointed Managing Director of Merlin Media Services with equity stake

• Founded OBM Marketing consultancy

• Co-founder and Managing Director of Cardiff Independent
• Established the largest free newspaper in Wales with loyal readership
• Turnover built to £1.5m in three years with profitability reached in year 2
• Sold to United Provincial Newspapers in 1991

• Marketing Manager for Western Mail and Echo
• Responsible for 32 staff and £0.65m marketing budget
• Winner of the Newspaper Society Award for Newspaper Promotion

• Display Advertisement Manager, Western Mail and South Wales Echo
• Responsible for 65 staff and £5M revenue target
• Twice winner of the Thomson Regional Newspaper Shield for outstanding performance
• Chairman of Newspaper Society committee for Wales and the West

• Deputy Advertisement Manager, Western Mail and South Wales Echo

• Field Sales Manager, Western Mail

• Departmental Trainer Western Mail

Contact details

Bruce Morris FCIM, MCIPR
Tel: 01656 662985
Mobile: 07973 284140

12a Parklands, Corntown,
Vale of Glamorgan CF35 5BE